Homes for Sale in Georgetown

Rated by Fortune Small Business magazine as the second best city to live in in the United States, Georgetown offers the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. Among the highlights for residents of this peaceful Texan city are beautifully preserved Victorian architecture, a pleasant sub-tropical climate, an abundance of recreational spaces, good schools, and high-end shopping centers.

Homes for Sale in Georgetown, TX

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More about Georgetown

Georgetown offers a diverse cross-section of homes for sale. These range from charming restored cottages and affordable single-family homes with gardens to brand new condos and lavish mansions with sweeping lawns.

The popularity of homes in Georgetown has continued to grow in recent years, making real estate in the area a strong investment opportunity.

With its historic central square and attractive older homes, Georgetown retains a sense of history and old-style Texan charm. At the same time, it's within commuting distance of Downtown Austin.

Georgetown also features a number of National Blue Ribbon schools and Southwestern University, the oldest university in the Lone Star State.

Georgetown straddles the Balcones Escarpment and is located on twin tributaries of the San Gabriel River, giving it an ideal natural setting. Residents have access to numerous attractive parks, river-edge hiking and biking trails, and conservation areas.